1st SPINDEL brew: NEIPA September2020

This is the first real “Bubble Logger SPINDEL” brew and done in September 2020 in the 10L Speidel fermenter. Before, this brew a few suger-dilution brews was done and test with a putting pressure into the fermnters by aquarium pump.

1st SPINDEL brew, a classic NEIPA done with Kveik Voss Yeast. –> https://share.brewfather.app/unJZ8WGoJT3ECE . (Please notice the data in the link is not zoomed as it contains data after I took out the SPINDEL and as such best looked at zoomed).

In this brew we got a detection of “blops” around 80-90% and had around 30-25% headspace. The polynomial is not fully adjusted for this brew as this was not so much the purpose yet. OG 1056, ended at 1008. What is more important is the gravity did not fall and was steady after the BPM fall till very low, hence, more or less proving the concept and code. The SG and hydrometer readings from this brew was used to calculate future-wise the polynomial.

The keen reader will notice the temperature of this brew was done between 27-32`C, and it was done after merely 3-4 days, and left for more 4-5 days (not shown in above). Taste super :-)

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