2nd SPINDEL brew: “Common Wheat” October 2020.

The second brew done with “Bubble Logger SPINDEL”, and this brew is done with only 10-15% headspace. As the Classic Munich Yeast is rather explosive I was aware this needed to be done with blow-out, and as such first real brew using blow-out. OG = 1056, and FG is 1012.

Second brew with “Bubble Logger SPINDEL” and tsh time with blow-out. https://share.brewfather.app/q1m0VYkpU4SESa. please notice that after “24 Oct” I placed the tank in utility room, where I also have my 2 dogs, and I guess some of the BPM tops after this date is barking!

The tube I use is rather hard and I keep is as short as possible, secondly ensuring no bends. I am not sure if the placement of the blow-out jar on top of my friends “SS Brewtech 25L” fermenter might had made some of the sound go though jar into fermenter, or all sound is coming from tube. I guess both.

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