3rd SPINDEL brew: “American Stout” TITLED “No More THUMP” November 2020

The 3rd “Bubble Logger SPINDEL” brew is an American Stout, and gonna be named “No More Thump” and purely saluting the first Colored American Women to be Vice-president or just to say Black Beers do thumps the boring pilsner…..just my simple taste in life the colours needs to be swirl.

Further, to that, look at Scandinavia we got female Prime minister in Norway, Finland and Denmark, same have UK had, Germany and the Baltics. USA you are not land of the free, but land of constrains, going into a diabolist-bible-nonsense instead of target pure science. Is fermenting the science based on yeast and microbiology or did God came down and placed her/she/him/its “dick” in the wort?

USA – get yourself together.

Anyway, the 3rd “Bubble Logger SPINDEL” brew was done with over 50% headspace as I had 15-16 Liter wort in 30-32L fermenter. To this very high headspace the distance from S-airlock till SPINDEL got long and hence we only captures around 20-25% of the blops. This can be shown from the graph below, but even we only captured 20-25% the relative behavior of BPM do give fine insight in what the activity is during the 14 days time-span.


Temperature was set free around 1st November (and put to cool shed on the 11nd). OG was 1078, and final SG 1020 and was checked over 2 hydrometer measuments with 3 days in-between. Currently, I have not had to much focus on the polynomial and hence getting SPINDEL precise in SG as I currently do focus getting the BPM “home”. This brew was done with SPINDEL_ver1.0 normal sensitivity, and likely I would have got more BPM detection if used the high sensitivity versions “Bubble Logger SPINDEL”.

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