Download and Install

Your Antivirus might detect this a dangerous files as the zip-file contains a .bin file.

Please Notice, for full value of the software you need a license, please contact me for a Donation-license.

All use is restricted till none commercial use. e.g. home brewing or educational purpose.


To install the software you need to make use of NodeMCU pyFlasher, hence, please download this tool. Remember to set the “Erase Flash” till “yes, wipe all data”!

You can also use nodemcu-flasher and download .exe files from release folders. Please insert the Sound_Bubbler.bin file under config at adress 0x0000, and under advanced set baud-rate till 115200, flash size till 4mb, Flash speed till 80Mhz and SPI mode til “DIO”.

Any issues in installing

Then you should likely try erase all on the chip. Old data is the main reason for issues. Please see more here:

Change Log “Sound-Bubbler”:

Ver3.4 –> 3.5: Updating polynomial for better SG precision: see this post.

Ver3.3 –> 3.4: Better serial monitor approach (bound-rate 115200). Code enhancements.

Ver3.2 –> 3.3: Update of WifiManager.

Ver3.1 –> 3.2: Bug in File system.

Ver3.0 — > 3.1: Better handling if no internet connection. Changes in websever.

Version 3.0: Major update including saving data till SPIFFS hence no longer relaying on Ubidots as database, inbuilt web server, post either rG or SG based on if OG is entered.

Ver2.1 –> 2.2: Bug in File-system.