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CONNECT ver1.0 –> 1.1: Stabilitet changes since sometimes CONNECT stops.
CONNECT ver1.1 –> 1.2: PULLED.
CONNECT ver1.1 –> 1.3: Stability focus. Rewritten code. Better re-connect part if connection lost. Removed license and sound “gain”. Removed unused liberties. Free memory enhancements. And some cosmetic changes. Portal mode changed from 60sec till 180sec, hence, giving better time to setup.
SPINDEL ver1.0 –> 2.0: Changed the time the SPINDEL listing for blops from 30sec till 60sec giving better resolution now from 1-255 BPM (former 2-254 BPM). Smaller impact on battery life handled by a bit longer time in sleep mode. Better IMU (gyroscope) code to let it “cool” down before next reading, giving higher precision. Updated code for sending gravity hence enharching resolution of angle/gravity. Removed the over 120 degree tilt for prolonged sleep mode as it doesn’t make sense.
CONNECT ver1.3 –> 2.0: Updated code to reflect the changes of SPINDEL_Ver2.0 in the CONNECT part. Hence, the CONNECT then also reports higher resolution of both BPM and Angle (~gravity). More Stability focus.
CONNECT ver2.0 –> 2.1: Include temperature SG function to handle impact of temperature on angle is change is changed a bit if you go from 20´C till 10`C in pure water. Hence, to include a function for temperature impact of angle. Secondly include “Sum BLOPS” to better shown when CO2 production decline and flatten.

Old Builds of SPINDEL below:

Green "Bubble Logger SPINDEL" ver.1.0 (27 downloads)

Blue "Bubble Logger SPINDEL" ver1.0 (21 downloads)

Blue "Bubble Logger SPINDEL" ver1.0 (HIGH Sensitivity) (23 downloads)

GREEN "Bubble Logger SPINDEL" ver1.0 (HIGH Sensitivity) (35 downloads)

Old Builds of CONNECT below:

"Bubble Logger CONNECT" ver1.1 (28 downloads)

“Bubble Logger CONNECT” ver1.3 (--> For "SPINDEL ver1.0" <--) (14 downloads)

“Bubble Logger CONNECT” ver2.0 (4min run. Better resolution for BPM, Angle and Gravity -->Needs SPINDEL ver2.x<--) (33 downloads)