New Build – SBL4TILT “Sound Bubble Logger and Temperature controller for TILT” + light version

The new build of the Bubble Logger Project is up and now live. I have worked on joining all the things together I have been “playing” around with TILT repeating. Hence, the Bubble-Logger Project is now moved till ESP32 and monitor your fermentation and control the temperature from TILT reading including SG. It also monitor the Blops pr. min from airlock (BPM)/Sum BLOPS(pt)/L and send all data including TILT data to the major brewing cloud software. Hence, it is a bubble-logger, TILT repeater and temperature controller!

The new build is a ESP32 DevKit, a Sound sensor and a 2-channel relay.

A light version with no “relay” parts:

Light version of SBL4TILT

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